Car Care Tips

  • Never use a rag to wash your car, they can trap dirt and scratch the paint. Use synthetic lamb’s wool or a clean car wash sponge to get the job done safely. 
  • Never use dish detergents to wash your car, they can strip essential protectants from the finish. 
  • Always dry your car to minimize spotting. Dry the body first then the windows, followed by door jams and wheels. This will make your car look great and get rid of any missed areas. For best results use a clean soft towel, microfiber or chamois.
  • Find a cool, shaded area to wax your car, never put more wax on then you can get off in a short period of time and never wax a car in direct sunlight. The wax can burn into the paint and make it difficult to remove.  Your car should be waxed every 3 to 6 months to protect it's finish and keep it looking it's best.
  • Waxing your vehicles wheels, it will make them easier to clean and helps control the build up of brake dust that can ruin the finish. 
  • Be sure to vacuum your carpets regularly to get rid of dirt,rocks & sand, as they can act like a knife and “cut” the nylon fibers, leading to premature wear of the carpet. 
  • Use a general or all-purpose cleaner to remove stains from the interior. Get rid of coffee, juice and other stains before they become worse and get really sticky! Keeping your interior clean also helps keep it healthier! Dust the dashboard and door panel with a damp towel to make the job easier and to keep the dust in the towel, never dry wipe wood grain or the instrument cluster cover as this can produce hard to remove scratches.