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Aqua Seal
Part No: 320 - Gallon - Long lasting protective film, will not turn moldings white
Banana Crème Wax
Part No 309 Banana Crème Wax - Gallon - Banana scented carnauba wax
Black Magic
Part No: 244 Black Magic - Quart - Cleaner Wax, helps remove swirls and small imperfections.
Body Shop Sealant
Body Shop Safe crème wax
Body Shop Spray Wax
Body Shop Safe high-lubricity quick detail spray
Butter Wet Wax
Banana scented crème wax designed to produce a deep "wet look" gloss
Carnauba Crème Wax
Carnauba Crème Wax contains natural oils to restore gloss and enhance depth
Cherry Wax
Part No: 304 Cherry Wax - Gallon - Cherry scented carnauba wax
Cherry Wax
Quick one step cherry scented cream wax
Crystal Glaze
Mild cleaner wax that removes light scratches, oxidation and swirl marks
Express Wax
Easy on and off fast wax
Flitz Metal Polish
Paste polish offers the highest concentration of cleaning chemicals as well as the longest lasting shine and protective coating.
Foam Pad Polish
Part No: 246 Foam Pad Polish - Quart - Cleaner Polish, removes 2000 grit scratches. Body Shop Safe
Glacier Glaze
Part no: 322 Glacier Glaze - Gallon - High performance mirror-like finish
Insta Crème Wax
Connoisseur quality sealer wax for long lasting protection and shine
Insta Glaze
Finishing glaze designed to fill surface scratches and minor paint imperfections
Insta Glaze H.D.
Heavy Duty one-step cleaner wax and polish
Insta Glaze Lite
Fast working cleaner glaze
Insta Glaze Restorer
Cleans, polishes and waxes in one easy step
Insta Wax
High Gloss Liquid Polymer Wax
Metal Polish
Metal polish cuts through layers of dulling oxides and brake dust to expose bright, shiny metal surfaces.
Micro Polish
Restores gloss, depth & clarity to produce a super high gloss, swirl free finish with long lasting protection. Specially formulated for dark colored paint finishes
Paint Sealant
Long lasting, high gloss sealant wax
Part No: 305 Radiance - Gallon - Easy to apply sealant wax
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